The Power of Wh Questions

 Wh questions are highly beneficial in the context of education and infact, at any place where questions need to be asked. Using Wh questions in learning and assessment material could significantly improve the verbal and logical reasoning abilities of your learners. For young kids, it even helps enhance vocabulary. Wh questions help learners to collect relevant knowledge and demonstrate what they already know. Learners take time to contemplate what they know before they respond. They could help be helpful in multiple scenarios, since there is a specific usage for each type of Wh question, like,

  • What is used to ask about things or objects
  • Who and Whom are used to ask about people

  • In daily learning activity, the students get the difficulties to make a written form. It is because all grammatical rules and developing ideas. The students often make grammatical mistakes in English usage when they are speaking, such as grammatical errors, language use, and mechanics. And when the students have to do speaking task, they only think how to develop the ideas. Moreover, the teacher also is not too active to make a good learning activity in teaching speaking. Therefore, the students do not enjoy in learning speaking.  
  • Whose is used to ask about possession
  • How is used to ask about process

For question creators, it is a humongous task to constantly create appropriate Wh questions for learner assessments, quizzes, or informal knowledge checks. What if there is a tool that could help you create Wh questions at the click of a button from your content! Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?


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